Tuesday, February 26, 2013

TIP: Making Simple Sandwiches Fun Again

If you're like me, sandwiches are a typical on-the-go lunch. I typically went shopping on Sunday to gather lunch meat and cheese for the week, but after a few weeks of this ritual it just got too repetitive. I like ham and cheese sandwiches but my creativity can only make so many combinations of specialty cheeses and fancy hams.


When I eat sandwiches at home I can slather my meals in BBQ sauce, mustard and/or mayonnaise, but when they're going to sit in a lunch box for a few hours, it's just not an option. No one likes soggy bread, especially when it's gluten free and already borderline. What I figured out were a couple solutions that add some incredible flavor without adding sauce.

Try adding some cracked pepper and a very light sprinkling of fine salt over the top of your bread before adding meat and cheese. Pepper helps bring out the natural flavor of a lot of spiced hams, especially my favorite, Kroger's Honey Bourbon Glazed Ham. Most cheeses have a good salt flavor already, but it can get lost in the thickness of a sandwich. Adding just a small touch really helps revive the flavor of the cheese.

This quick and easy step will work great with any kind of meat and cheese combination on any kind of bread. They even work when you add things like tomato, lettuce and onion. Never underestimate the power of something as simple as a little salt and pepper!

If you have any questions about this recipe or any others, email me at MPHGourmet3@gmail.com!

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